Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Confessions Of A Co-Sleeping Mom

I have co-slept with all three kiddos, and probably will co-sleep with future children if we have them.

When I first became a mother I had ZERO intentions of co-sleeping. Honestly I became a mother before I created a social media account so I didn't even know it was a thingy. With Cameron, my husband work night shift his entire babyhood and because I was a first time mom I thought if I didn't get more that 7 hours of sleep a night I was going to DIE (thats hilarious to me now as I can take on just about anything with a solid 4 hours). I discovered that he slept longer when he was in bed with me, so from about 6 months until, ahem, 7 years old he was in our bed.
Cameron and I in his crib he hardly ever slept in.

Our second bambino was born and initially he slept in a crib right next to our bed. I was worried about being so exhausted from chasing a toddler around that I wouldn't be able to co-sleep safely (which is a BIG deal to me). So as we adjusted to a family of 4, he spent some time in his own crib but as he grew bigger I eventually brought him into the bed with us. It was what felt right, natural, and instinctual. Tony was still working nights until Dominic was over 1, so every night it was just me, me and my boys.

Both boys slept with us until Cameron was 7, and lets just say Dominic's favorite place to sleep is still in his daddy's arms. But it was during my pregnancy with Nova that sleeping was becoming something of a nightmare. It was the 4 of us PLUS A DOG. Something had to give because turning over in bed started to become something of an Olympic sport and it was hard enough without having 6 inches of personal space. We decided to have the boys sleep in their own beds, in their own rooms or else they would lose electronic privileges. Cameron took to it right away and actually he cannot stand anyone in his sleeping space now. And obviously this tactic didn't work to well with Dominic, considering what I said above.

When I was pregnant with Nova I knew I wanted to co-sleep right from the start. I also knew that safety was top priority and I could do both. I bought a DockAtot bed which had high reviews for safety and a Owlet baby monitor which would alarm if babys vitals changed due to any type of airway obstruction. Almost $500 later (I know, I know) I felt so good about co-sleeping with our newest addition.

Nova has slept next to me since night 1, and although she still wakes to nurse 2-3 times/ night, its quick and easy (I highly suggest anyone with a newborn to learn the side-lying position for breastfeeding) and it feels like the most natural thing. I know co-sleeping isnt for everyone but it works for us and its one of the most treasured memories I will have of my children.
Our first night home, just over 24 hours old here.

Its funny the reactions I have received when I tell people I co-sleep. From the people who think I am trying to kill my baby all the way to other end where people will tell me stories of their co-sleeping. Some people cannot believe that N still wakes up 2-3 times a night and then go on to tell me about making their baby cry it out, which I simply say I am not willing to do that EVER. Its funny talking about co-sleeping with friends who do the same, because its almost like we have to have a secret conversation because of the fear of someone threatening CPS, lol.

But Honestly I think the reason I love co-sleeping so much is because I'm a lazy mom. There I said it. Now I have a sleeping baby I have to get to.