Friday, August 7, 2015

Family Vacation 2015 {part 2} Mexico

Going to Mexico was a rather quick decision. We wanted to take the kids to see the ruins, and planned on someday staying at a resort with them. That option is rather expensive so when I stumbled across an affordable cruise leaving New Orleans during our vacation time, bam. Of course we invited my dad (because I love taking him with us, especially to places that are new for him). We cruised out of New Orleans and sailed down the Mississippi river, across the ocean to Cozumel then to Progreso, Mexico. Carnival Elation was our ship.
 While in Cozumel we travel to a park that sat right on the ocean. There was a perfect shallow cove where the kids were able to cool off, and a deeper part for the adults. The ocean was clear blue, even 30 feet down you could see the bottom.
 Progreso was the next day and we travel to Dzibilchaltun Mayan Ruins. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me, since I wanted to see ruins for so long. Also we swam in a cenote, which is a sink hole filled with fresh water. It was incredibly hot, getting in the cenote was perfect for cooling off.
 Two days later we were back in the US and hit the road in the van back to Michigan. Although vacations are what we look forward to every year, we had been gone for 10 days and it started feeling uncomfortable to be so "out of routine" for so long.
 Taking the kids to mexico was something on my bucket list that I did not expect to check off so soon. I hope that when they are adults they remember the way it felt to be there, the experience.


park in Cozumel

Driving in a cramped taxi through Progreso to Dzibilchaltun.

Temple of the seven dolls.

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