Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family Vacation 2015 {part 1} Alabama

 Our annual trip to Alabama was 2 weeks ago. I still love that I am able to take the kids to one of the places that I myself have so many childhood memories from, my grandmas house. We have tried to go down every summer, and plan to go as many summers as we can. Being able to see family and have a fun place for the kids to swim all in one is great.
 We got a late start on July 7th. We meant to leave at 5am, but I needed to have a breast biopsy done at 9am (which was benign, but still not ready to blog about that experience since the whole thing has riddled me with anxiety) so we left right after. We drove all day until we reached my Aunt Tina's home outside Birmingham around 10/11pm that night. We slept there and then headed to Jackson's Gap in the morning.
 The weather was perfect the entire time. Being on the lake with nothing to do but watch thekids play, eat, and nap is exactly what I needed. Two days after the biopsy the physician called me with good news, which made relaxing so much easier.

 I just love it here.

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