Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camping - Our first camping trip

 Last Thursday I headed to Van Buren State park with kids, tent, air mattress, cooler and all our other camping gear in tow. I wanted to have the kids experience camping, even though I was hesitant about it being a hassle. Especially by myself for the first night. I almost even considered not going at all when I woke up Thursday feeling completely overwhelmed with having 5 shoots to edit and just working at the hospital the last several days.
 We headed over rather late in the day, just incase I got up there and was exhausted then we could just go to bed. We got to our campsite at around 5 and finished setting up everything. The tent looked sad, but it was functional. It really does take 2 adults to set one of those things up. We gathered firewood and then hit the beach that belonged to the campground.
 It was super foggy on the beach, it was impossible to see a few hundred feet past where you were. The beach was rather rocky and the waves were really crashing so we decided not to swim but to just play for a while before heading back to camp to eat.
 Back at the camp we made a fire, roasted hot dogs, sat around the fire and just hung out. No electronics, no TV, no internet. Just me and my boys. They are getting older now, to where you can have semi-adult conversations with them and it just so fun to listen to them. We went to bed on our brand new air mattress listening to other campers fire crackle and the slight breeze.
 Friday we went to South Haven Beach for about 3 hours. The sun was bright and it was perfect. The water was super cold, but the boys didn't care. Dominic actually liked it more then Cameron, which is rare because Cameron really is our fish. Tony arrived just in time that night for us to gather around the fire and just "be."
 The next two days we spent at the beach, downtown South Haven where Harbor Fest was going on, eating ice cream and trying new things over the camp fire. We went for walks, the kids rode their bikes. It was perfect.
 Camping was a lot different then I thought it would be. There was so much downtime. Being away from everything really puts it all into perspective. Problems don't seem as bad. Being with the ones you love uninterrupted. Perfect. We cant wait to go again...maybe in August/September.


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