Thursday, May 7, 2015

A labor & delivery nurse | And why I love being one.

   When I tell people what I do as far as career, I usually expect a few different reactions. I get the "awwwww, I would LOVE to do that", to the "YIKES, I could never do that", and sometimes even the "Um, isn't there a lot of blood?!?". No matter what type of reaction I get, I just love being a labor and delivery nurse, and I love telling people what I do.
  I'm still a new labor and delivery nurse, with just about 5 months under my belt. Even with the experience that I have from working in labor and delivery as a tech for 5 years, nothing can really prepare you for the real thing. I have literally learned more then I could have ever imagined in the last 5 months.
 Working in labor and delivery, we see families at one of the most exciting, happy, joyful times of their lives....most of the time. We also see families at the worst, with aching hearts and shrieks of cries that literally break your heart into pieces. My job is demanding most days, and sometimes almost unbearable. But somehow I, WE, as a team come together to give our patients and their families the best care possible.
  I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to doing what I'm doing. Especially with labor and delivery being a unit that can be hard to get into. So with that, here are the top reasons I love being a labor and delivery nurse!
  • I get to see a miracle every time I go to work.
  • Being present for a birth is the coolest thing, ever.
  • Its incredible being part of the biggest day of someone's life.
  • When emergencies happen, being part of the team that saves the life of the baby, and sometimes the mother too, is such a rewarding feeling. Hearing the baby take his first cry and knowing that he is ok, makes you weak in the knees.
  • I get teary eyed when dads cry.
  • I get to be in the moment that parents of an unknown gender baby find out if they have a boy or girl. After waiting all that time, its so sweet to see the reactions of mom, dad, siblings.
  • After a while, nothing seems to surprise you.
  • In our labor and delivery, patient ratio is 1:1, so I get lots of time with my patient.
  • I get to wrap babies up (after skin to skin time, of course) like little burritos.
  • I learn something new almost everyday.
  • 99% of the time, its the happiest job in the world.
  • I love helping a mom through labor and birth, no matter which kind happens.
  • The biggest reason I love being a nurse in labor and delivery is I love knowing that I make a difference. May it be in a huge way, or just the slightest. Whether its helping a mother with a difficult delivery, or just simply getting her a Sierra Mist, I know that everything I do, counts.

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