Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring and Vacation

  Spring is here! Even though its still freezing outside, its considered spring and I am so broody to get outdoors. With endless chores and to-do's outside, it NEEDS to be warm. Dominic asks on a daily basis if he can go outside and ride his bike, and lucky for him (and us) its been warm enough on a few days to do that. Especially now that the giant snow pile has melted away that was in front of the the garage.

  I have 3 more days with my orientor before I am officially on my own. Although I have been pretty independent on my own this last week. For the most part I feel pretty comfortable providing nursing care alone. Last week I experience my first big decel, and my heart sank to my knees. My first thought was to reposition mom, fluid bolus, pitocin off, o2 on.... and before I could even call for help, two very experienced labor and delivery nurses came to help. That's the thing I love most in my department, we all look after each other and each others patients. Safety is is the most important thing to us. Baby recovered and did fine for the rest of my shift, and mom went on to have an unmedicated vaginal delivery in the middle of the night. While I will be "on my own" soon, i know that I'm really never alone. None of us are.

  The excitement for this summer is almost unbearable! We have so much planned. We are taking the boys on a few new adventures. One is in April and its a surprise. One in June to the Outer banks, and one in July back down to the Gulf. And a few just weekend trips to various places around here.
 Tony and I planned on not taking any vacations this year without the boys. We went to Vegas and Jamaica last year without them and we figured that was good enough, plus we miss our boys way too much, and honestly we love taking them places and showing them as much as possible. Back in December we had some friends ask us to go to Mexico with them, which ended up not working out. We have never gone away with another couple to do anything, so we were pretty bummed. Then another opportunity came along with some other friends and we decided to go. Its like all the stars aligned for us to be able to do this. I'm on orientation so I get to be picky about which days I work and which I don't, Karen wanted to keep the boys for a while and take them to a indoor water park, my friend Heather had her mom all lined up to take her two little ones and she was able to get the time off.. So we kinda jumped all over it considering that we wouldn't have this chance again for a long time.
 We leave in the morning, flight takes off at 9am. Over the last few weeks Heather and I have gone on a few girls-only shopping trips. I forget how much fun it is to do that. It almost felt like I was 16 again haha! Going clothes shopping with friends is fun because you try on things that you wouldn't usually. Like dresses. Plus I have lost about 30 lbs so I was actually excited to try on stuff (go me!).