Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse

  While in nursing school I had so much on my mind that I didn't let myself think too deep into real life nursing. In nursing school you have a perfect diagnosis, a perfect scenario, and if you don't, as a student you kinda get kicked out of the situation.
 While working on the OB unit, most of the time my mind was stuck to my duties and job responsibilities, because that's what I was there for and that's what my co-workers needed. So even though I have been on my unit for 5 years, becoming a RN has turned so much upside down and it feels like I'm new. Not only am I a new grad, but I'm also practicing in a specialized area. Nursing school focuses 90% of its curriculum on med-surg nursing because that's where many people will end up and because our people are so sick nowadays with a catastrophic amount of illnesses and diseases. OB nursing in nursing school is a very short class, and goes over basic OB nursing. So even with all the "experience" I have on my unit, I have so much to learn.
  I'm about 7 weeks into my orientation and have 5 weeks left to go. I love what I do, love it. There are somethings I'm working through personally but I just have to remind myself that people have the right to make their own choices. The city that I live in has some sick people, which means sick babies. I don't and wont ever understand why some people choose the lifestyles that they have, but I also see how some people cant get out of the ones they are in. The quote that I'm going to post below seems to be exactly what we do as nurses, even at times when its tough to do so.

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