Thursday, January 1, 2015


 Today marks the first day of 2015! This year is bound to bring new great things, new experiences, new perspectives, new relationships, just so much new.
 Reflecting back on 2014, these were some of my most favorite times:
  • Finishing Nursing school (of course!).
  • Cameron losing his first tooth.
  • Welcoming my niece Piper. 
  • Watching Tony race.
  • Taking my dad with us on vacation.
  • Getting to visit my Aunts and Grandma.
  • Experiencing Vegas.
  • Taking the boys to Cedar Point.
  • St. Joes Beach with my friend Melissa, and her children.
  • Nurse pinning ceremony.
  • Accepting my new position as a Labor and Delivery RN.
  • Jamaica with Tony.
  • Dominic's fourth birthday swim party. I could just tell how all the kids loved it.
Here is my bucket list for 2015:
  • Pass NCLEX...on the first try.
  • Become somewhat comfortable as a LD nurse ( I hear it takes years).
  • Pass the 3 classes I plan on taking for my BSN.
  • Enjoy more down time with my family.
  • Cancun in April with friends.
  • Save for a new computer.
  • Teach the boys how to become better bike riders.
  • Return to Alabama to see my Aunts and Grandma.
  • To keep my plan of better balance between work, photography, and family.
  • Disney World.
  • Reconnect with friends.
  •  More date nights
  • OBX North Carolina with my dad.
  • Geocaching with the kids in unfamiliar places.
  • Taking the kids into the woods and nature more.
 Of course where 2015 really takes us is just a guess. I hope for good health, stability, and happiness :)

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