Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jamaica day 2,3 & 4.


On Friday we started the day off with breakfast followed by swimming  and by noon we were already ordering mixed drinks at the swim up bar. We met two women from Canada, one was a travel agent. She told us this was her 25th time in Jamaica! I layed in the sun for a few hours and tony made friends(like he always does) in the pool.
 After lunch we got into the other pool by the ocean and had conversation with a few people. We talked about where we were from, out children, pets, Jamaica. That's one reason I love traveling is you really get to meet so many people. 
 We had made reservations for the Japanese steak house with the hiabatchi grill. The food and staff was amazing. After dinner we went back to the room to nap because we wanted to go to the piano bar and 10:30 and I knew for myself that if I didn't nap I wasn't going to last until then.
 The piano bar was something I had never experienced before. When we first arrived they were just getting started. There was a book that you could look at to sing along to the songs that the pianist was playing. At first I was thinking what did we get outselves into?!? Singing outloud, in front of strangers? Yikes! As a few songs went on and a few drink ld went in, it got a lot easier and by 1am we still didn't want to leave. The pianist was so funny! A few other Jamaicans joined in and they could sing. It was like our own personal concert. By 2 am we were back to the hotel and sleeping.


We woke up early to eat breakfast and catch the buss to Dunns River  Falls. The bus ride took about half hour and as soon as we got there Tony bought some water shoes from the locals. I had brought mine that my grandmother had given me In Alabama in July. 
 The falls are amazing!!! I heard mixed stories about them but they were perfect. The water was crisp and cool, and I even tastes it and it tastes so cold and pure. There were deep areas when you could submerge up to your neck and just be. It felt wonderful after being in the hot and humid weather for hours before. 
 Everyone had to hold hands while climbing to prevent anyone from falling. There were a few brave people who tried to do it alone and some even fell and were scratched by the rocks. When we reached the top we bought a video of our climb that we will watch with the kids as soon as we arrive back home.

8.24 Sunday

We hung around the resort today and just relaxed. It was SUPER hot and humid. Lots of time in the pool today.

8.25 Monday

We left the resort today after breakfast around 10am. We arrived at MBJ airport at 11am and out flight didn't leave until 1:50. So we shopped and had lunch at Jamaica Bobsled. We arrived in Atlanta at 5:30, and our flight to Detroit took off at 7:05. We arrived in Detroit a little after 9, and went to get the the boys. They were both sleeping and stayed asleep, so we didn't get to actually talk to them until the next day. Cameron woke up in the middle of the night and cuddled with me, I could tell he missed me :)

Over all I think it was a nice getaway. I always underestimate how much I'm really going to miss the kids! I think it's definitely important though to get away without the kids to have time as a couple.  Somewhere in between diapers, baths, school, work and just trying to hang on, the relationship that started all of this gets put on the back burner of sorts. Taking time to reconnect, we believe, is the best thing for a happy marriage. Which means a happy family.
 I love traveling. I have a mental list of several places we want to visit. In the works is plans for Disney world, hopefully summer/fall 2015!

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