Monday, August 4, 2014

{DIY} Pallet art

HOW TO: Make your very own pallet art, for free (or at least very very cheap)!

 Last week while doing a mini makeover on our bathroom, I had this big empty space right above where the towels hang. I wanted to put something up there, but money is getting tight with school quickly approaching. Beside what we have planned, budget inst allowing for extras right now. I have been keeping these old pallets in the back yard that I used for photo-sessions a few years ago. I had spray painted them blue and orange, and they have been through the weather since then. Which means really yummy painted distressed orange and blue wood! I originally bought the pallets just for the photo shoot. I bought them in 2012 at a barn sale for $2/each. I probably used $6 of spray paint back then.
  Having all the tools I needed, I went at it. I didn't have a plan or measurements, just kind of eyed it all. Turns out pretty nice! I used some paint that I had bought years ago for another craft. So all in all, I paid nothing for these. And I still have more pallets and more paint. I have a few more ideas, which include some gifts for friends. These pallets took me about 3 hours, with taking breaks. The saw was a little intimidating at first but I quickly got the hang of it and its not so scary after all.


 Tear apart the pallets (carefully, the wood may want to break).

Measure and but the pieces of pallet wood. Don't forget safety glasses.

Before cutting the rough edges off.

After cutting.

Clean up the scraps. I didn't photo it, but I actually cut thin pieces of wood to nail the pallets all together on the back of the art. I used lots of short nail, so they wouldn't poke through the other side.

Used chalk to outline

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