Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Vacation 2014

  We left June 27th, about 6pm. Me, the kids, Tony, and my dad. We tend to leave at night when we go on vacation because its so much easier on the kids. To have then sleep 10-12 hours of the 16 hour drive is so worth the sleep deprivation and the tiredness that we are plagued with the next day. Thats what coffee is really meant for...right???
  So we arrived Saturday morning in Fort Walton Beach, FL at our resort. We stayed at Ramada FWB again, like we did in 2012. We really enjoyed the hotel, pool, hot tub, kids activities, the beach, and how close everything is, as in walking distance. Not to mention its really cost effective for families of kids who just wanna hang out at the pool all day long. And that it totally what we did! Cameron had a blast swimming by himself. As long as he was in the pool with one of us adults, I let him go without his floaties on.
  The ocean was a different story. The kids could care less about the ocean. Of course when you're 3 and 6 sharks are the biggest reason not to go in the ocean. But we did drag then in a few times. Between the waves and the salt water, they were so not interested. I myself really enjoy the ocean. I love the sound, smell, and maybe even the taste a little when the wave splashes in your face.
  The first night we were at the resort, they had a kids-in movie night. We were able to leave them in an activity room where they played games and watched a movie. We took advantage of this and Tony, my dad and I went to Dinner at The Crab Trap. TCT is this really nice seafood restaurant right on the beach. The atmosphere and ocean breeze just really gets to me. I love those kind of places. The food is reasonably priced and is amazing. Last time we came in 2012, we ate there for dinner all 3 nights. This time though I did want to get out more and check out the other places to eat.
 Sunday we hung out at the Hotel all day, except to go out to eat. I woke up every morning that we were there early to go walk on the beach. Dolphins were really active and playful around that time. Each morning I would see at least two swimming together. They were maybe 15 feet away from the beach.
Monday we went on The Sea Blaster, a big jet boat that holds around 90 people. We snorkeled and went dolphin watching, and we seen a lot! Tuesday we did another cruise, on the Buccaneer. Its a kids-themed pirate ship. Even with the heat the kids had a blast. Dominic had this adorable beard and mustache painted on his face. Cameron was so excited to get "real" treasure from the sea. And I could tell my dad had a good time just watching the kids and enjoying the ride. The crew were very good actors. It was almost like a show. So much fun for all of us.
  Wednesday morning we heading to grandmas house in Alexander City, AL. It is roughly a 4 hour drive straight north from FWB. I was sad to leave FWB but excited to see my Aunts and Grandmother. We arrived around 4 pm, ate dinner and went swimming. Over the next 4 days we ate, swam, napped and repeated those things. Tony and Cameron fished a few times and caught some fish, mostly catfish. Tony, my Uncle Richard, and Cameron went night fishing. The tired little guy could keep up and actually feel asleep on the boat.
 We headed back to MI on Saturday evening, after dinner. Again, so much easier to drive through the night. This time though it was a lot tougher for the adults. I think its because we were all exhausted from the 8 days of activities behind us. We all took turns driving, and at most I think it was about 3 hour rotations. We didn't stop much at all only to use the bathroom, we were in a hurry to get home. We arrived in Michigan at about 630 am.
 Overall it was a wonderful trip that went by way too fast. Many memories made. Now we are looking forward to spending some time together as a couple in Jamaica in just 1 month...from today!

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