Monday, July 28, 2014

drag racing & The Crypt Keeper

T has been racing with his grandpa for several years. At first he was part of his grandpas crew and helped him out at the track. Last year Tony bought a 1937 ford car (named the "Crypt Keeper") and spent several weeks/months getting it race ready. Though out the years I haven't been able to go to the track. Reasons being I was pregnant, I had a small baby, or I had to work or it was too far ( they have had to travel as far as mid Canada for races). On Saturday I finally was able to go! And I have to say I did enjoy it. The weather was great, low 70's and cloud overcast all day. Tony left early that morning with his friend Jason, and I took off with the boys about 2 hours after them. I took my camera because I told tony that I wanted to make a video for him and take some photos. He was really excited that I was FINALLY able to go!

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