Monday, June 23, 2014


June so far has been really nice here in the Halsey household. C's last day of school was June 9th. It's June 23rd today and we pretty much have done oodles of fun activity. We visited the Tree House in Chelsea, went to Zenders water park in Frankenmuth, went to cedar point  on Father's Day (took dad) and we leave for Fort Walton Beach on Friday. The boys are looking like little island boys from being outside so much in the sun. We have actually spent a lot of time outdoors so far, which I love because I believe that's it's not just good for the body, but also for the soul especially since we have been couped up in the house so much this last winter.
  I photographed a wedding on the 14th and it was a lot less stressful then I anticipated. I even surprised myself with how well I controlled my ISO and aperture in the super bright sun that was beating down during the outdoor ceremony. It was actually pretty fun. Not saying I'm going to take on more weddings but it's definitely something out of my comfort zone..and along with that come personal growth. So yep it's good to leave the zone once in a while.
  I also shot TWO births last week. One on Monday and One on Tuesday. So happy they decided not to deliver on the same day! One was my good friend Alicia and her husband jimmy. They welcomed an adorable squishy name Tyson. The other was a sweet young couple who welcomed their first child as well, a girl.
  With vacation quickly approaching, I had my head set on getting a large chunk of editing done before we left. On Thusday my computer recieved the lovely gift of a virus. And it was BAD. Like couldnt turn on the computer bad. It's at the computer shop now and they say Wednesday. So darn. At least my photos are safe since I back up using Carbonite and keep all images on my card until they are all edited. Without a computer to work with I have lots of free time on my hands. I even painted the trim in the house Friday that needed touched up. Goal today - clean basement and start paking!

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