Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Heat, vacations, and summer break

Its getting hot in here...literally. The past few weeks have been lovely outside, with a nice heat wave that has been accompanied by a breeze. Everything is green and the bees have started their pollen duties. I have been dressing the boys in shorts and whipped out all of our sandals and flip flops. Spring is in full rise with summer around the corner. I just love this time of year, before it gets too hot. But even then the heat doesn't bother me too bad. Only when I'm pregnant does the heat really bother me, and that's probably due to the fact that both boys were conceived in the spring and then I had morning sickness all summer.
Sea Blaster FWB
 We leave for the Gulf at the end of next month! Everything is all set to go. The resort and rental car are both paid for (thank you young living) and I have bought the boys new swim shoes and beach towels. We are leaving June 27th, driving thru the night, and getting to Ft. Walton Beach around noonish the next day. It about a 17 hour drive and I'm hoping that the boys just sleep thru the night. Its tough for kids to be in a car that long. So we figured we would leave after dinner time, drive thru the night, stop for breakfast and to let the kids run around, the get to the resort. We will then be there Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night. Our plans really are to just kick back and relax around the pools/ocean, do a little eating out at the awesome Crab Trap restaurant right next-door to us, and a few mini cruises. When we went to FWB in 2012, we drove to Destin which is about 15 minutes East, went on a jet boat cruise to see dolphins, and went to Big Kahoonas water park. We have decided to skip the watermark this year, since it was geared towards older children, but we are going to still be going on the jet cruise, The Sea Blaster.
  When we were in Destin last time, I seen this really neat pirate ship but it was too hot to stand around in line to see what it was all about. So when we came home I googled what it was and I found out that its actually a kids cruise. So we will be doing that as well. Looks pretty fun from the pictures :)
Buccaneer pirate cruise

  On Wednesday July 2nd we will head to Jackson's Gap, AL to stay with my grandmother and aunt until Sunday morning. Its about a 4 hour drive from the gulf to my grandmas.

  Now me and and Tony are planning another getaway in August, in celebration of my upcoming graduation. I went and talked with our Travel agent Jen yesterday. We are considering Mexico. At first I had my heart set on Cozumel, but Jen talked me into Riviera Maya. I guess Cozumel can be a pain in the but to get to, and more expensive. We don't have all the fine details worked out yet, but we hopefully will be putting our down payment down on Monday.
  And I am so excited to be on summer break. Just about 6.5 months until graduation, but I sure do need this break. I'm intentionally taking everything I can from this summer! I have said NO to many people wanting to book sessions this summer. I am not going to be busy this summer. I want to just hang out with my family and enjoy this break!

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