Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birth Without Fear :: Columbus meetup

  The past Saturday, me and my sister Rachel traveled to Columbus for the Birth Without Fear meetup. In case you have not heard about BWF here is what the Facebook page says -

" Birth is not a competition. A Birth Without Fear is different for each mother. How one woman births doesn't make her better than another. How one woman births doesn't make her less than another. It is HER birth and hers alone. It's not to be judged, ridiculed or mocked. It's not to be compared to. Each woman's birth belongs to her. Each woman's story is valid. Each woman's choice is to be respected. Everyone woman deserves support. Birth is sacred and leaves an imprint that settles deep within a woman's soul and that is marvelous. ~January"

    We bought our tickets months ago and I have literally been counting down the days until we got to go (iphone app). Thursday and Friday I was feeling almost hesitant about making the long trip, but by Friday night I was pumped and ready to go.
  We left Jackson at around 4:45 am, stopped for breakfast and got gas and made it to the conference at about 8:45. We checked in, got our badges, and found a seat. I do believe that we were the only ones that didn't have a baby on our back ;) but Rachel is 7 months pregnant so we fit in a little haha!
  We chose a table near the front because I really wanted to hear the presentation. There were so many women and children, and the back of the room they had a small area for children to play and it was super noisy. It was sort of distracting but within a few minutes its almost like I just adjusted to all the shouting, screaming, crying, and giggles coming from the

back. They had a few booths set up. A booth for baby carriers, a photography booth, and an essential oil booth. We didn't really hang out much back there because it was somewhat crowded in the back of the room.
 January (the founder of BWF) took the stage at about 9:05. She seemed so confidant and at ease on that stage in front of a room full of 200 women and probably 150 babies. I instantly loved her. She is so funny too! Throughout her presentation, she was never bashy (as in bashing certain parenting choice like vaccines, hospital deliveries etc) she was non judgmental at all.
Dr. Schbeck
  There was a guest speaker who spoke, her name was Dr. Dianne Schubeck, an OBGYN. First of all, I think it was awesome that the had a medical professional there. I was really worried that it might be a bashing medical professional day. But completely opposite. Dr. Schubeck was awesome to listen to. She talked about how her view are different then most OBGYN's and even called herself "more then a hippie then a doctor". She even delivered her own baby granddaughter at her daughters home! How rad is that!?!
  Dr Schubeck did some Q + A's and answered lots of really interesting questions! Some of the questions were about VBAC after several c-sections (she does support them), does she have any recommendations on how labor and delivery nurses can help their patient accomplish their birth plans, and some really other good questions.
  After Dr. Schubeck was finished, January took the stage again. This is when we got to hear her 5 very different birth stories. She had in order, a planned c-section, HBAC with transfer for chorio, HBAC transfer with her VBAC in the hospital, and her last two were unassisted home births with her husband. She is a VERY good speaker and throughout the entire thing she had us all giggling. After that we took a lunch from 12-1. This is when I got to meet (and hug!) January. Rachel and I packed our lunches to save money and we just sat in my car and ate.
  When lunch was over, we headed back inside and all the tables were rearranged. We had to sit at whatever table our number on the back of our badge told us to. So me and Rachel w=had to split up. This time was called "Harmony Circle". During this time we sat in groups of 6-8, and we discussed anything we felt like. We each went around and discussed something that we have been going thru that related to mothering. Mine was my history of postpartum anxiety, another was her long hours at work and wondering if it would be the right decision to leave work, another was in the opposite end and needed to figure out if being a stay at home mom was right for her. Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged. It was really nice to sit with complete strangers and just talk about whatever. At the end of this, we all made bracelets together, and they were suppose to mean something. I made mine blues, colors of water, because I dream of one day having a water birth. Possibly with our next birth.
  Then we ate cake! The cutest rainbow cakes to. And I have to say it was the best cake I ever tasted. Rachel even agreed. YUM!

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