Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring has Sprung

   Finally! It looks like this winter might just be over. Over the last few days it has been in the 50's with the sun out. I actually opened up all the doors and windows for a few hours last week. Nothing is more refreshing then taking that first step outside in the early morning and feeling...comfortable. Comfortable and not freezing.
  We have actually spent a lot of time outside too. Last week was the first time back to Cascades where I like to power walk and climb the hill. Today we took the boys to the park and while Tony played with them I went for a 2 mile walk and climbed the huge hill 4 times. Talk about major heart rate increase. But I love it and I need it. Nothing feels like the feeling of a post-workout. But lets see how I feel tomorrow...if I can walk ;).
    As the snow has pretty much melted away from everywhere, I'm also getting to see just how much work we have to do this spring! The backyard is a hot mess, dog poop and sticks and chewed up crap everywhere. Not to mention that the window sills outside need some serious scraping and repainting, but not sure if thats something I'm going to try to tackle this summer.
   I would like to try to plant another garden this year. I just need to figure out whats best for our soil and what grows best in direct sunlight. Last year I grew beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, and pumpkins. The beans grew super quick, and I didn't realize that they were ready to be picked before it was too late. The sun had already dried them up. The tomatoes never really got ripe. They stayed green for the longest time, then they got moldy/eaten away at. The cucumbers grew a ton, and we actually did eat a few of those. But also a lot of those got rotten before I picked them in time.

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