Monday, March 24, 2014

Ann Arbor Reptile Exhibit

Yesterday we went to the Ann Arbor Reptile zoo. I had heard about it from a friend, so I Google'd it and realized it was pretty close and thought the boys would love it. And they did! We took our dad since the boys haven't seen him a lot lately.

Friday, March 21, 2014


We flew out to Vegas on the first. This was our first time. Also it was the first time we went on a "real" vacation without the kids. We planned this vacation back in the end of January. Just a rundown of what we did (I want to write these down for myself so I don't forget!).

Day 1: My dad drove us to metro Detroit airport and dropped us off. He was also baby-sitting Quorra. I was nervous she would freak out but she got into my dads house and instantly made herself at home.
  So our plane flew out at 1030 am. And it was about a 4 hour flight. I actually did get a little nap. I figured I should try since I knew we were in for a long night. Plus the time here in Vegas is 3 hours behind, so it was like adding extra hours onto our day. We arrived to Vegas at about 1230 Vegas time. Even the airport had slot machines and gambling everywhere!
We bought round trip tickets for a shuttle to and from the airport for $13/each. Which would probably be much more if we did the taxi. It took about 15 minutes to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Luxor. As soon as we walked in the smell of the Luxor was amazing. I don't know what they use but my gosh it smells good. I'm sure its to cover up the ciggerette smoke. One thing I really liked about the luxor is how open it is. It's so spacious! After we checked in and went to our rooms, the first thing we did was go gamble a little. I sat down at a penny slot, and within a few minutes won $90. A few mintues later I won $60. And on a different penny slot I won another $90. While I was doing this, Tony lost $140 in a few minutes.
  We decided to go eat lunch. We went to the MORE buffet at the Luxor. It was actually very good and had so much fresh food, and so many varieties. I didn't realize how many buffets there are. Every hotel has one or two.
After we ate we decides to walk over to Excalibur to see that casino. That is a big one too. The colors are really pretty at night too. We walked thru then went to NEW YORK. We wanted to ride the rollercoaster. That place was so packed! I was hanging on to the back of Tony's shirt so we wouldn't get seperated. There was a lot of "teenie-bops" there. They also had a lot of things to do for kids and a gigantic arcade. We made it to the roller coaster and it was $14/each. Expensive, but it was really a neat ride. It was a little jerkey on the neck though.
  That night we seen Criss Angel's magicJAM when we got back to the Luxor. It's a show of himself and like 6/7 other very talented magicians and illusionists. It was a really neat show, and Criss seemed super nice and was really passionate about his performances. The only thing I didn't like about it was that we booked the 9:30pm show, which was actually 12:30am MI time. So I was so tierd by the time the show even started. When it ended at 11:30, it was 2:30am MI time. Even though I was exhausted by the time we got back to our room, I still wanted to soak in our huge tub. So I did, with lavender oil and we went to bed.

Day 2- We went to the shark reef exhibit at Mandalay bay. It's about 5 minute walk from Luxor. That was when I really wishes the boys were with us. They would have loved it. Lots of sharks, jelly fish, huge turtles, a very big alligator, and some massive fish.
We gambled some more, lost, then we took a cab to Aria hotel and casino to see ZARKANA cirque de soelil (sp?) show. We arrived a little early so we decided to het something to eat. We found a little pizza bar called Fifty 50 Pizza Pub. That was by far the best pizza I have ever had.
The show was spectacular. The stage crew interacted with the audiance a lot. They were serious so funny and so "in character". That show had some serious crazy stuff in it. Acrobats, singing, tight rope walking, heart was beating hard the whole time. At some points I just wanted to not watch, in fear that one of the performers would crash and burn. But they did not. It was quite mind blowing. After the show we took a cab back and I took a lavender bath again, while watching airplanes take off out our window. We stayed on the 28th floor.

Day 3 : We started out eating breakfest and drinking coffee at the Luxor buffet. We decided to throw $20 in the Wheel Of Fortune slot machine and Tony woon $500 so that was pretty exciting. After that we went thru the BODIES exhibit, then thru the TITANTIC exhibit. Both of them were amazing. They were well worth the ticket prices. After that we jumped in a taxi and went to The Mirage. There we seen The Secret Garden put together by Sigfried and Roy. I have never been closer to dolphins or lions. The dophins were so adorable! They were even painting. Again, this was one of the moments I wish the boys were with us. They would have enjoyed all that.
  We caught a taxi and went to "old Vegas" or aka Freemont street. The way I could explain that area was mixing together Chicago, a circus, and a big fair. That was obviously the place where people could find themselves in trouble. I guess it could be considered, from my point of view , why this place is called "sin city". But really entertaining none the less.
After Freemont, we headed back to the Luxor with intentions to see ONE Michael Jackson Cirque show. From what we had heard was that it was one of the most popular shows. When we arrived at the box office, we were really dissapointed that each ticket was $150. So $300 combined ticket price. We didn't feel comfortable with doing that, although I'm sure it would have been worth it. Maybe next time. We ended up eating and walking around the casino some more before we headed to the room for the night. We pretty much just relaxed in the tub then watched some TV. After walking around Vegas for 12 plus hours, those beds feel really, really good.

Day 4 : we woke up, used our free Starbucks credit, packed up and caught the shuttle to the airport. Plane took off at 11:45, and ETA in Detroit was 7pm. My wonderfully helpful dad picked us up.