Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vegas bound :)

  Tony and I are going on our first vacation together, alone without kids since we became parents. Our last getaway together was our honeymoon to Jamaica. So this is quite exciting!
  We were really considering Walt Disney world instead at first. But through lots of research we decided it is not the right time for us. Besides the cost for a comfortable Disney vacation, and by comfortable I'm talking plane rides, staying on site in one of the Disney resorts, tickets, entertainment and food. With my research that would cost $4,000+. We have decided to wait until spring/summer 2015 to look into going. Dominic will also be a little older then so it will be easier on all of us.
  Then we looked into going to south Florida with the boys. Except the place tickets were extremely expensive. Add in the cost of a resort and food etc, might as well just go on the Disney vacation. Out of frustration and exhaustion of researching vacations....we decided on Vegas. No the kids cant go (well they can, and we even thought about taking them but not sure they would have fun especially since the pools are not open until April in Vegas). We are still planning our summer trip south this summer, so we are still taking a family vacation this year.
  At first I was determined to book the vacation myself through Then Tony's grandpa told us to try a travel agent to see if we can get a better deal. So we went back to Aloha Travel and talked to Jen. She is the lady who set us up with our wonderful honeymoon so we trusted her a lot. After some research of her own, she was able to get our vacation for about the same price I could have gotten it for online, except she was able to get us more desirable flight times and put us on Southwest airlines, which has no baggage fees. That was a huge plus because if I had booked it by myself we would probably pay an extra $100 on just our baggage.
  We are staying at the Luxor. We knew that if we ever went to Vegas that's where we would stay. Tony had always had an interest in pyramids and Egypt so it was perfect for him. We planned on seeing a Chris Angle show, but sadly he is on leave from a shoulder surgery the time that we will be out there. Talk about DISAPPOINTMENT! But none the less there are about 2000 shows to choose from out there. We are hoping to maybe even take a trip to the Hoover dam.
  Since the pools are closed, I really wanted to at least get a hotel room with a jacuzzi. I just cant wait to close my eyes and relax and perhaps even fall asleep in the tub! We were able to book a suite with a jacuzzi overlooking the strip. I stole this image off Google of what type of room we reserved :)

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