Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mental health rotation finished!

  Today was the last day of mental health nursing! I went to the college and took my final test, and picked up my pediatric nursing syllabus and packets. From what I have heard, we hit the ground running in this class, so this weekend I have my head in the books. We start class Monday. I will be in lecture on Monday and Thursday from 8-12ish, then clinical Tuesday and Wednesday 8-1ish. Clinical will be held at Allegiance pediatric ward, and the emergency room. I excited about both! From a friend who just finished this rotation, she said she very much enjoyed it and took lots from it.
  The past 5 weeks of mental health rotation rent buy preeeeeety quick. We did have 1 clinical cancelled related to weather issues, which we did not have to make up! I learned I do like mental health a little more then I thought. Going into the rotation I had no excitement really, but as I took care of patients with different disorders I realized that there is SO much to that area of nursing. Just like with any area of nursing. Like women's health and obstetrics, its a specialized area and you could tell that the staff on the unit really "got" their role. They knew what they were doing, how to act in certain situations, what to expect, and how to handle almost anything.

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