Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 wishes

  Do you remember when you were a child and you watched movies about fairies, and princesses, magical wands and wishes? I certainly do. I remember wishing I could fly. That was my biggest childhood wish - to be able to fly like a bird. I remember building my own airplane. I took an AVON box (my mom use to be a distributor, so we had AVON boxes everywhere), and I took apart a broken box fan. Then I tied the blade from the fan onto the box and colored the box. I remember sitting in the yard on a summer day, with the sun shining just sitting in my little plane. I hoped and wished that it would just take off because I wanted to just fly so bad! But it never did.
  Today Cameron came up to me and said "mom, I wish I could fly". Whoa...flashback! I told him that I wished we could fly too, and I reminded him that when humans get in airplanes it's almost like we are flying. But I knew what he meant. Then my mind started wandering on about wishes. How some come true, and some don't. Why some come true for some people, and they don't for others. Then I decided that I wanted to make a list of wishes for my sweet boys.

Ten wishes for my children :
  1. Be kind. Not only to others, but to yourself. Be kind to you're intuition and you're inner voice. Plant kindness everywhere you go.
  2. Don't rush. Put the hard work in, only then you will get true solid rewards and gratification. 
  3. Dream and follow those dreams. Never let anyone tell you that they are unachievable.
  4. Know that happiness is not in a paycheck or a big house. Its not a top paying job or being rich and handsome. Trust your heart, it will let you know when you are happy.
  5. Forgive those that hurt you. Forgiveness will make you grow.
  6. Have perseverance. Finish what you start, no matter how big or little the task may be.
  7. Self confidence.
  8. Find joy in small things.
  9. Always thirst for knowledge and truth, but be humble in doing so.
  10. Find love and have fun!

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