Friday, January 31, 2014

The weather outside is frightful (STILL).

  On to day 2354 with snow. Or so it seems ha! But seriously we have 5-7 more inches to come AND freezing ice. How can this possibly be? How can there possibly be enough water in the atmosphere to make snow? Hehe I'm just being silly but come on! Its time to exit the polar express train....I want off!

Today Tony had his knee surgery that he had been putting off since he went to Japan. He had a tear in his left meniscus. We found a wonderful ortho doctor in Lansing, so he had his surgery at McLaren. The surgery in itself only took about 40 minutes, and they ''shaved'' off the tear. His recover so far is going well. He has been on the couch since he got home with an occasional trip to the bathroom. He can walk on it, but they warn to not over-use to avoid swelling. For pain he has only taken two Norco today, and those really make him feel loopy. He is allowed to take two at a time, but I'm afraid he might go comatose if he did!

Before : Notice the tear.
All smoothed out.

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