Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oily talk

SclarEssence is one that doesn't come in the kit, but I ordered in anyways because I heard great things about it. Its know to help support women's health. It contains fennel and Clary sage. Peace and Calming is one of my all time favorites! It does exactly what its named after.

Vetiver and Valor are really good for my anxiety, these two I typically rub on my feet with coconut oil. Ylang Ylang is good for women's emotional health.
 So I'm going to talk more about my obsession with these oils its short I promise!). I am so in love with this stuff its insane. Every day I'm using them from the time I wake up until the time we go to bed. The boys are even asking me know to turn on the diffuser because they too like them.
Now I have discovered so many personal uses for these....
I use lavender with my mascara to help grow lashes...and yes its been 10 days out and I have noticed a big difference!

Lemon and peppermint. I use this combo for energy and to help lift me up when I need a little pep-up.
I made pain cream with Valor, Peppermint, and Panaway mixed in with coconut oils. Smells amazing and works! I use it on mu bursitis.

This combo I LOVE to diffuse. Its peppermint and Stress Away. It smells outstanding. I actually just had to order more stress away because I use it so much that I ran out quickly.

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