Friday, January 31, 2014

The weather outside is frightful (STILL).

  On to day 2354 with snow. Or so it seems ha! But seriously we have 5-7 more inches to come AND freezing ice. How can this possibly be? How can there possibly be enough water in the atmosphere to make snow? Hehe I'm just being silly but come on! Its time to exit the polar express train....I want off!

Today Tony had his knee surgery that he had been putting off since he went to Japan. He had a tear in his left meniscus. We found a wonderful ortho doctor in Lansing, so he had his surgery at McLaren. The surgery in itself only took about 40 minutes, and they ''shaved'' off the tear. His recover so far is going well. He has been on the couch since he got home with an occasional trip to the bathroom. He can walk on it, but they warn to not over-use to avoid swelling. For pain he has only taken two Norco today, and those really make him feel loopy. He is allowed to take two at a time, but I'm afraid he might go comatose if he did!

Before : Notice the tear.
All smoothed out.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oily talk

SclarEssence is one that doesn't come in the kit, but I ordered in anyways because I heard great things about it. Its know to help support women's health. It contains fennel and Clary sage. Peace and Calming is one of my all time favorites! It does exactly what its named after.

Vetiver and Valor are really good for my anxiety, these two I typically rub on my feet with coconut oil. Ylang Ylang is good for women's emotional health.
 So I'm going to talk more about my obsession with these oils its short I promise!). I am so in love with this stuff its insane. Every day I'm using them from the time I wake up until the time we go to bed. The boys are even asking me know to turn on the diffuser because they too like them.
Now I have discovered so many personal uses for these....
I use lavender with my mascara to help grow lashes...and yes its been 10 days out and I have noticed a big difference!

Lemon and peppermint. I use this combo for energy and to help lift me up when I need a little pep-up.
I made pain cream with Valor, Peppermint, and Panaway mixed in with coconut oils. Smells amazing and works! I use it on mu bursitis.

This combo I LOVE to diffuse. Its peppermint and Stress Away. It smells outstanding. I actually just had to order more stress away because I use it so much that I ran out quickly.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 weeks in semester 3

  We just finished 3 weeks of mental health nursing with 2 more weeks left. To say that my encounters with mental health patients would have been expected would be very incorrect. From day one, I didn't know what to expect. For the the time ever I was able to interact with someone who had schizophrenia, and that was quite interesting. So far I do like it, and I have gained more empathy towards those who suffer mental health issues. Also It was my first time at a homeless shelter, and that was also an eye-opener. We also got a chance to go to an addiction home and here stories about those who have been addicted to heroine, meth, crack, alcohol etc. That too was interesting to hear these peoples struggles and why they turned to substance abuse. Addiction is a bitch.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Studio

Here is the inside look of the studio, where all the magic happens. Please disregard the mess, it was right before a shoot that I took these pictures, so I have everything I needed laying out.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils {aka YLEO}

   OK, Tiny obsession here! Ok, just kidding, its a big one! I have discovered the wonderful life of using oils.
Incase you have not heard about these oils, they are simply amazing. Im talking life changing amazing. Like better sleep, more energy, weight loss, off presciption medication amazing.
Here is a quick rundown on how even became interested in the oils. I had seen some people on facebook talking about the oils since spring. Instantly I was intrigued, but was confused and felt a little overwhelmed with diving into them. By fall, some of my friends had started using them and talking about how these oils were helping them lose weight, reduce chronic pain, naturally treat conditions such as eczema, depression, bursitis, back pain, asthma, anxiety, and even snoring! This is about the time I really started getting interested in the oils, but still I was skeptical about spending $150 on the kit. Then one day at class, one of my classmates gave me a sample of lavender and peace and calming. I placed a drop behind my ears of the peace and calming (by the way smells lovely) and within a few minutes I felt ......"chill". I was instantly relaxed. I remeber I was driving home from school, and I felt just so peaceful. Thats when I got hooked.
  I had heard how people had been using lavender on their children to help them wind down at night. Um...hello! Two wild little boys here, I need all the help I can get. After their bath that night, I placed a few drops on each of their feet. Within half hour, both boys were in bed watching a movie silently (usually they get very whiny around bedtime). And Dominic did not wake up once for a sippy. That was the first night in almost 3 years that I slept through the night without waking up once.
  At first I was just going to order a bottle of Peace and Calming and Lavender. I was still skeptical about spending $150 on the kit (if you know me, you know I'm the most frugal person I know!). I talked to my friend LeeAnn about how I think I would just order the separate bottles, not the kit. She told me about the other oils and the diffuser, but I was still not sold. She told me about how I get 11 oils, the diffuser, some samples, and I would be considered a member and be able to receive 24% off any oils that I wanted to purchase (there is currently over 120+ oils made by YLEO). But what would I do with these other oils that come with the kit? How would I use them? What were they for? And what in the heck is the diffuser? She told me she would place the order for the 2 oils for me soon.
  OK, sometimes you just have to jump on a band wagon. And at the last moment I told her that I would get the kit. I asked Tony if it could be my Christmas present. He gave me his credit card, and I placed the order. He was a little worried that I had just spent so much money on some fad, and I was going to be disappointed.
 About a week or so later, I received my oils in the mail. The first thing I did was plug in the diffuser and put about 3 drops each of peppermint and lemon in the diffuser. I had not used these yet but had seen on Facebook about people using these two together in the diffuser for a burst of energy. And whoa. They were not kidding. I had it plugged in next to my computer while I was editing a birth I photographed. I became very "antsy" just sitting there. I wanted to move. Before I knew it, my office was clean and dishes were done. Why HELLO ENERGY! Nice to meet you again!
  I had read that people were using the oils to help treat depression and anxiety, both of which I have dealt with since my teen years. After the birth of my 2nd son it became intense for a while. I was prescribed low dose of Zoloft. Which did help, but I didn't like the side effects. I was skeptical on using the oils to replace my meds (I'm a pretty skeptical person if you cant tell yet!) but wanted to give it a shot. While still taking the Zoloft, I started using lavender, peace and calming, and valor everyday in my diffuser and behind my ears. I started to feel an improvement everyday. Now almost 2 months later, I have not take any of my anxiety medication in 2 weeks. I sleep better, I am more interested in doing things, I am even more interested in exercising. So you see why I say these oils are life changing? Because its absolutely true.
   There are so many uses for these oils. I want to just shout it from the skyline. I hope that everyone can make the decision some day to give these a go. The world of natural products can be the best thing to get your hands into. If anyone ever wants to talk to me about these oils or have  any questions, please ask! Or if anyone is interested in ordering a kit from me (I love this stuff so much I am now an Independent Distributor) give me a shout out.

What are essential oils?
The simple answer is…
Essential oils are the "lifeblood" of a plant.

They are natural oils that are found in the leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds of plants and trees. Each type of plant or trees contains oils with unique properties that are used for different health issues.
Essential oils have been used through history for healing and medicinal purposes. There are even references to them in the Bible!
The more I learn about essential oils and all their benefits, the more excited I am to use them to care for my family. -  from busy moms connect blog.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Blizzard of 2014

   Yup, it totally happened. A real life blizzard. And some serious cold temps. Like -2 all day today. I went out to try to dig my car out, with no avail. It's too cold and my car is too deep. Half the city is shut down too, or from what I have heard. Jackson County is in a state of emergency.