Friday, December 6, 2013

The end of semester 2!

   I'm officially half way done with my journey to become an RN! Now its just a matter of weeks (51 to be exact) until the big "G". Of course that still feels like FER-EVERR but in retrospect, its not. And from what I have heard, it gets much easier and flies by the last 2 semesters. Its so neat to think that one year from now I will be doing what I love, and getting a decent paycheck for doing it.
  School does not start back up until mid-Jan, so that means a whole month off. Its like a mini summer break,err.....without the summer. But still nice none the less. Cameron will have a few weeks off too, which means more time with both my boys at the same time, from sun up to sun down. Or should I say "son" up to "son" down ;)
  I have been working on a project all year that has to do with the boys, and I have it about half way complete. I'm excited to finish it and share it, but cant until its closer to the new year because its labeled "365" so you get the point. So between that, 2 impending births which Im planning to document (one is a home birth, and one is a planned c-section after a tragic loss) a newborn session, and a few family sessions, I will definitely stay busy. Work-wise at the hospital has been rather non-existent recently. I think I may have worked 3 days in the last 8 weeks. I'm on call, and the days that I'm scheduled to be there, they don't need me. Hallelujah for Tony getting more overtime (he goes in at 5am and has been working Saturdays). Also I really want to "fix" this blog. I dont know what happened but its looking funny.
  Time for the tales of woe. The illness of winter is plaguing our family. C has strept and pneumonia right now,  I'm getting heavy in the chest, and tony just got over what ever he had. D is doing OK thus far, but had a runny nose yesterday so I guess time will tell with that. Also we are trying to decide on whether or not to go to the gulf again this year like we had planned. We usually use our tax return for our vacations, but we also are trying to remain debt free as possible. There are a few things we do need to check off our debt list such as D's surgery, Tony's upcoming surgery, and a few other bills. We will definitely still be going to AL to see my family down there, and with the lake its already a vacation! The boys had a blast swimming, jumping off the dock, fireworks and climbing a mountain last time we went.

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