Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our holiday break

   With just little less then a month until 3rd semester rolls around, I have been thoroughly enjoying this break. Cameron is officially off until after the new year. Its funny, every morning when he wakes up he has to make sure everyone knows how many days he has left until he has to go back to school. Poor little guy, hates school just like mommy did! Dominic is also enjoying all this time off with mommy too. He is my little sidekick, going everywhere I go. He is such a good boy (most of the time!) that I don't mind taking him with me. He even tagged along with me for a meeting with an expecting couple whose birth I will be documenting in April, and was perfect as a peach. The downside of this, is when I do have to leave without him, he is not a happy kid. Every time I have left him with memaw over the last 2 weeks, he has cried and begged me not to leave. It feels awful! Im hoping that when class kicks back in and I have to leave him for about 4 hours 4 days out of the week, he will transition into our old routine smoothly.
   I picked up some extra shifts at the hospital, but only have worked one so far. I have had some photo sessions that have been planned for a while, plus a few I was able to squeeze in at the last moment. Which was much needed financial wise. Trying to save a little before I'm really busy with school over the next 15 weeks when it starts back up.
  Tony bought a race car, with my blessing actually. I have been very much against him getting it for a few years, pretty much because of the financial strain of nursing school. But I know its something he really wanted and I know that the time he spends working on it with his grandpa will make lasting memories. To be honest, I'm not sure what kind of car it is, but its old and black and actually looks pretty cool. "Fright night" is what I think he will be calling it. I might actually take the boys out to the speedway this summer and watch him race ...with major headphones on! Seriously those cars are so so so loud. Like rumbles the entire block loud. Louder then a train loud. Loud.

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