Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of school!

Today was big day for our family, the day our first born starts school! I still can't believe that I have a child who is now in school. Love it! I'm so excited for all the school related events, sports, festivities, etc. I'm excited for him to make new friends, learn new things, and grow.
 Today started out by laying down with him to wake him up in his bed. Before he was awake, I lay there with him, ran my fingers through his hair, and placed my hand on his little beating heart. As tears filled my eyes I kissed him and hoped that my baby will not change too fast before my eyes. It seems like just not so long ago we had a little bundle of joy wrapped up in a swaddling blanket.
 After Cameron woke up, we had some breakfast, got dressed, and daddy did his hair. Tony had taken the entire day off from work so he could focus on Cameron.
 We walked to the bus stop and of course I snapped photos like a crazy mamarazzi!

I have to say my heart did sink a little as I watched the bus drive away!

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