Sunday, August 25, 2013


In a mere 12 hours, I will be sittong back at JCC for the beginning of another crazy semester of nursing school. Maternal/child and patho. By far I am most excited about studying women's health and OB. But of course I'm looking forward to understand the patho, especially of cancer. I honestly can I don't know very much about cancer so that will be very interesting.
So starting tomorrow, it will be whatever priority needs to be done, will come first. I hate the times when I have to put school before my family, but I'm not going to lie it happens. Its tough. But I know that this career will give our family a better financial situation, and in the long run that will be a big deal. Moments of "mommy guilt" are on the horizon. I will get through them moments like I have on the past. By just reminding myself of what is coming....and soon! Just about a year from now I will be entering my LAST semester od the RN ADN program. That day, that last day when I walk out, I seriously might go sit out in a field and cry. Not kidding!

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