Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A new and exciting (and a little nerve-wrecking) adventure!

  Today, I sign a lease for a studio for my photography. The studio is located in downtown Jackson, and I will be sharing it with a fellow photographer. Its not very big, but perfect for what I need it for. Its also affordable, something that was a very big deal for me. Had I not been able to find a trustworthy co-occupant, there is no way I could afford this on my own. I have been barley getting by as of now, only working at the hospital maybe 2-3 days every 2 weeks. I'm grateful how much time I have got to be home with the boys, but mama is pretty broke. Having the studio i think (and hope) that it will allow me to bring in a steady income from photography throughout the winter months.
  I'm really excited for what this studio will allow me to do with newborn/baby/toddler photography. Having a controlled environment with everything I could need for a session is so much weight off my shoulders. There is so much natural light in this studio, which is always my concern with newborn photography. Being a no flash photographer, natural light can make or break a session. Oh, and also not having to haul my backdrops, and the other 20 things around will also make it so much less stressful. Now, i will still be offering to come to clients homes for a lifestyle newborn photography session,  but the studio is where most of the posing, props, furs, blankets, hats etc will be. I literally have a basement full of stuff I never get to use because I have never really had a chance. I think some clients with small children/newborns will actually rather have a newborn session. Not everyone has a home where they can or would want having pictures done it. I know when I had Cameron, there was absolutely no way!
   Now on to why I'm nervous. First of all, is nursing school and not really knowing what to expect this semester. I have heard its not a demanding as semester 1, but you never really know what to expect until your doing it and get into a routine. For sure, I know I will be at school or conicals at least 3 days a week, half days. So there will be alot of mumble jumble with trying to work my schedule into photo shoots.
 I'm nervous that I'm having too big of hopes for the studio, and maybe this is going to be an expensive and time consuming regret. Then I remind myself that one photography session a month will pay for my part of rent. So that is s good thought.
  Of course we will just have to wait and see. I feel I was leas to this place, and I really do have a good feeling about it :)

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