Monday, July 29, 2013

School too soon

Less then month until I'm back into full time nursing school for my 2nd semester. As much as I have tried to savor the bliss of summer, it is going by much too quickly. But then again, I do want to hurry up and get this thing called nursing school behind me and start my new career as a labor and delivery RN. Yes, I'm certain that's where I want to be. The first round of clinicals is OB so that's one exciting thing about going back to school.
  Cameron starts kindergarten Sept 3rd and its very much hard to believe. Here it goes, the school years that won't end for a very long time. As it gets closer, I wonder if I have prepared Cameron enough for school. He can count to 100, knows how to spell his name (we are still working on writing it) and of course knows his colors, shapes, all the basics for say. Its not fair how fast time goes, from diapers to potty training and now off to school. I guess maybe every mother second guesses herself sometimes. Hoping she has not messed up this parent thing. But I can't help but sit here watching him play with stranger children, making new friends, laughing and sweating from running and playing at the tree house, and running to me crying when he fell and bumped his head that I must be doing something right. I know for sure I have taught him love, trust, sharing, forgivness, and nourished his imagination. I guess the rest will come with time and maybe someday I will think I did an awesome job.
  This next month, I want to spend as much "summer time" with the boys as possible . I have tried to attempt not to overbook my self with photography, but I'm sure a squeezed in a few sessions I probably shouldnt have. From here on out, free time will consist of lakes, sprinklers, popsicles, and sunblock.

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