Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our day with baby Evan

   We get very excited when Evan comes over. So far I have got to baby sat him twice since my sis went back to work. Dominic dotes him so lovingly that I can very much imagine him being a great big brother one day. He loves to feed him, and never lets his paci leave his mouth. Once it pops put, Dominic if there to pop it back in (usually upside down lol).
  Not having a newborn around for 2.5 years, I totally forgot how often newbies need to eat. I swear the adorable little chunker was complaining for his bottle at least every two hours. And a chucker he is indeed! I love it! After having two scrawny babies, i needed some squishy thighs in my life.
  But I have to say, having 3 little ones is busy busy busy! Its a reality check into why we need to wait another year (or two or three) before we have more babes. My life right now is very much filled with the love I have for my two boys and my sweet nephew Evan, who is so much growing a little personality himself.

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