Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 2 in Alabma

  When we arrived at UAB yesterday, Maureen was wide awake. She had had a break earlier in the day from her sedation medication, and from the vent doing any work for her, which is only holding a small amount of pressure in her lungs, not actually breathing for her. Her eyes looked better, she was making eye contact, and responding to every question with a nod. She even laughed a few time (silently of course, due to her trach). Her blood pressure started to get elevated, probably from us getting her excited and stimulation. Right before we left they were giving her some blood pressure medication.
   Shift change is from 6-8 both morning and night, so we left about 6:05 and headed back to Tina's. We had dinner, I had to take more benedryl, then fell asleep. Today we are going back to UAB and very excited to hear how her night with no sedation went.
And here is to lots of coffee!

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