Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 1 in Alabama

Yesterday my dad and I flew into Birmingham to visit with my aunt who is in ICU at UAB.
  We decided to drive to Ann arbor, then park there and catch a charter bus to the airport. That way we didn't have to have someone take us so early, and didn't have to pay for parking at the airport. We left my house a little late and caught the bus just in the nic of time at 6:30am.
  Our plane was scheduled to leave at 840 so we had about an hour and 40 minutes once we got to the airport for all the checking and security. My favorite face lotion, face wash, and tooth paste all got confiscated during a bag check. I didn't pack anything but a carry-on, and totally forgot about the 3.4oz liquid rule. So we had to make a stop at Walmart last night so I could re-buy my stuff again, this time travel size.
  I have not flown on an airplane since Cameron was a baby, and I was so preoccupied with him them that I was able to set aside my own anxieties of flying to a point. Yesterday it was just me and my dad and I forgot how nerve-wrecking it can be. The worst part is taking off, at least for me. But I survived with minimum panic and before I knew it we were landing in Birmingham.

  My Aunt Tina picked us up and took right to UAB. When we got up to the 9th floor where ICU is, we were greeted by my grandma and my great aunt Loretta. We went to see my Aunt Maureen right away. When we walked in, she was having a physical therapy session with the care team. We gowned upband put gloves on and went to her bedside. She looked at us, but with no expression. She tried to say hi but nothing came out due to her trach. She was still on sedation medication with a PCA for pain control.
  We stayed at the hospital for about 5 hours. After lunch, we took a stroll around UAB, and they were hosting a blood drive. I have never given blood. Not because I didn't want too, I just never had a convenient time I could do so. So that's what I did. It just seemed right.
It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the staff was very nice. The nurse asked me if I was visiting from Europe, because he said I sounded English. I thought that was super funny because when your in the south, it feels like everyone around you talks with a heavy accent, when in return they think you do!

  After giving blood, I collected a bag of cookies and a red cross t-shirt and was on my way. We went back up to the 9th floor again, where we met my aunt Tina. Maureen was still very sleepy and hard to wake so we decided to leave for the day. We stoped at Walmart, where I rebought some stuff and "The Dome" book by Stephen King.
  When we got to my Aunt Tina's, we were greeted by her adorable dogs and little black cat. Right away I started to get itchy and breaking out in a rash on my stomach and becoming super itchy everywhere, especially on my neck and face. Now I have never been diagnosed with pet allergies, and I have no problems with my dogs, but I'm pretty sure it was pet related. Its either the long haired dog, or the cat. Anyways we had to take a trip to dollar general so I could buy some benedryl, which made me very sleepy.
  We ate dinner, then way he'd Argo. Which I was so tired from the benedryl that I made it maybe a quarter through the movie before I fell asleep.
  My Aunt Tina has been wonderful accommodating us. Comfy beds and great food. Today I woke up itching and took benedryl again and by 10am I was very tired again. I slept for another 2 hours. Now we are just waiting to head back to UAB to see how Maureen is doing. Hopefully I can blog again tonigjt or tomorrow morning for an update. Missing my little boys on this rainy 4th of July.

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