Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colt is here!

 Two days ago, some of my best friends had their second baby! While its still fresh in my mind I wanted to blog about it.
 July 19th I worked a 12 hour shift, picked up the boys, went home and took a shower. At about 9pm, I looked at my phone to set my alarm to wake up in the AM, and my phone was hot. Thats because it had been blowing up (on silent) for over an hour. After reading the message from Liz " Sarah we are at hospital, 6cm" my heart sank to the floor. First of all, it had been almost an hour since that text had been sent. In my head I said to myself there is no way she had not delivered yet. So I called Jarad to see. He told me that she was still 6cm and she was about to get an epidural and she really wanted me there. And I really wanted to be there! One problem: Tony was out of town and baby sitter had plans. But thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends Sophia and Eric who took the boys at a minutes notice. I dropped the boys off about 9:30, Cameron was awake, but Dominic was zonked out.

 I got to the hospital at about 9:45. When I walked in, Dr. M was checking Liz and she was 9.5 CM. She had JUST got her epidural, but from what I could tell, she was still much painful. I ran up to her and hugged her and told her not be scared, Colton has chosen this date himself and she and him were ready to do this. She was 3 weeks away from her due date.
I was excited that her RN was my friend Beth. The atmosphere in that room was just magical with love and humor. Liz and Jarad are always in high spirits, and well as DR. M, Beth, Liz's mother. Everyone was so happy and excited.
Liz started pushing at around 10pm.
She pushed maybe through 3 or 4 contractions (like a rock star, might I add). She knew exactly what to do, and that epidural did not slow her down at all.

 Colton entered this world at 10:10 pm, with a big cry. He pinked right up and was able to stay on Liz's chest skin to skin for over an hour.

I'm so excited to watch Colt grow as I have Lauren. The Shannons are truly a wonderful family.

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