Saturday, June 1, 2013

The hustle, bustle, bang.

Im going to just come out and say it....Im stressed! Not an aweful stress, just busy. I have about a billion hours of photo editing to do, our washer broke down, I have not been sleeping very well, and now mother nature has decided to rain out all my mini sessions today. Oh and my husband is still on the opposite side of the planet. And the house is messy messy! As much as I love love love my little boys, mama needs a break! I already have some relaxation procedures already lined up.
1. Take a "real" bath.
2. Read the rest of "spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May.
3. Get a pedicure AND a massage, both which I have gift cards for.
4. Visit my sister and baby nephew.
5. See a movie by myself, deff a chick flick.

On a more sad note, both my Grandma and Aunt Maureen in Al are ill. My Aunt was in a serious car accident on memorial day, and my dear sweet grandma is bot feeling well. Today is her 87th birthday and she is in a Birmingham hospital under going tests. Keeping them in my thoughts and on my heart.

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